Logic and philosophy of science

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Research field „Logic and Philosophy of Science” is made up of scientists associated primarily with the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in ToruĊ„, and a significant part of the field's staff are employees of the Department of Logic.

The issues we deal with within the research field are:

- non-classical logics (paraconsistent, binding, positional, deontic, epistemic, non-monotonic, etc.)

- application of logic to build formal theories (mereology, pointless geometries, etc.)

- constructing and applying logical systems to formalizing the theory of social sciences and humanities

- related to the above problems of the philosophy of language and pragmatics

- general philosophy of science.

As a research group, we cooperate with research centers from the United States, China, Brazil, Australia, and many European countries. We co-organize, among others cyclical Non-Classical Logics conference, Philosophical Perspectives on Sciences conference and Chinese-Polish Workshop on Applied Logic.

Logic and philosophy of science